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【会议预告】 Sustainable Development of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to the South Pacific 南太平洋21世纪丝绸之路可持续发展研讨会会议日程
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一、 Time and Venue时间地点    

Wednesday January 13

2016年1月13日(周三) 14:00-16:00

Room C105, International Studies Building, Peking University


二、 Roundtable Program会议安排

14:00  Prof. Lei Wang, Vice Dean of PKU Institute of Ocean Research
         Welcome and introduction

14:15   TBC Mr. Fang Hao, Deputy Director, Ministry of Commerce
           Prospects for Chinese investment in the Pacific Islands

14:30   David Morris, Trade Commissioner, PT&I
           Overview of issues in sustainable development for Pacific Islands
           太平洋岛国贸易与投资专员署专员大卫 莫里斯就太平洋岛国可持续性发展问题

14:45   Prof. Zha Daojiong, International Studies, Peking University

16:00   Meeting closes


Facilitated discussion:


?identify themes for a potential research project


?confirm contributors of information, people and/or resources


?propose working party to manage next steps


?agree first stage (6 month) pilot research project


三、 Proposed Invitees拟邀请参会人员

?Peking University, host, in association with Pacific Islands Trade & Invest:  
Professor Zha Daojiong
Professor Lei Wang, Vice Dean of PKU Institute of Ocean Research
David Morris, Trade Commissioner, Pacific Islands Forum Trade & Investment Commission
?Ministry of Commerce:
Fang Hao, Deputy Director, American & Oceanian Affairs  
Luo Huan, American & Oceanian Affairs  
?Ministry of Agriculture:
Li Bin, Deputy Director, Foreign Economic Cooperation Centre  
?China Development Bank:
Zhang Weifu, Deputy Director, Global Cooperation  
Fang Zhuo, Deputy Director, Planning Department  
?Conservation International/Greenpoint Group:
David Emmett, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific (Singapore)  


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