AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight
AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight (Feb 08~Feb 14, 2019)
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AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight (Feb 8~Feb 14, 2019)

Climate Change

1. Modern Warming Is Undoing Millennia of Arctic Ice Cover

Plants and rocks at the edges of glaciers have been entombed in ice for more than 40,000 years. Modern warming, unmatched in 115,000 years, is now uncovering these landscapes.


2. The Deep Blue Sea Is Getting Bluer

Ocean color will intensify in the next century due to global warming altering phytoplankton communities.


3. House Hearing Stresses Climate Change’s Links to Ocean Health

Backed by new Democratic congressional leadership determined to focus on science, experts call for swift action to avoid or limit irreparable environmental harm.


4. Glacial Census Reveals Ice Thicknesses Around the World

Researchers modeled over 200,000 glaciers and found that mountainous regions in Asia contain significantly less glacial ice than previously estimated.


Hazards & Disasters

1. Ancient Tsunami Tied to Volcanic Flank Collapse in Italy

Stromboli’s volcanic cone may have suffered multiple flank collapses between the 14th and 16th centuries, triggering tsunamis that led to the abandonment of the island.


2. Forensic Probe of Bali’s Great Volcano

Evidence from volcanic crystals sheds light on magma storage under Mount Agung and helps explain this giant volcano’s frequent eruptions.


Space & Planets

1. New Hints About How Martian Moons Formed

A new study finds that Phobos includes chunks of Martian crust.


2. Study Suggests Prospect of Recent Underground Volcanism on Mars

Researchers argue there needs to be an underground source of heat for liquid water to exist underneath the planet’s south polar ice cap, as predicted by a previous study.


3. Opportunity Rover Mission Complete

The rover explored Mars’s surface for nearly 15 years and discovered ample evidence of the planet’s wet history.


Geology & Geophysics

1. Strengthening Our Science: AGU Launches Ethics and Equity Center

The AGU Ethics and Equity Center is a new hub for resources and tools to support all members of the Earth and space science community and encourage workplace excellence.


2. Real Time Probing of Shale Cracks in Double Torsion Experiments

Imaging crack propagation in shales using twin optical cameras and fast X-ray radiograph acquisition.


Global Change

1. An Inherently Noisy Ocean Can Disguise Regional Sea Level Trends

Sea level trends in different regions of the ocean caused by both natural and man-made changes in the atmosphere can be partially hidden by internal random processes intrinsic to the ocean.



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