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2003.09-2006.07  中国科学院,生态环境研究中心    博士

2000.09-2003.07  长安大学,环境学院                     硕士

1996.09-2000.07  西安建筑科技大学,冶金学院       学士


2018.08 -              北京大学环境科学与工程学院      特聘研究员(新体制长聘)

2015.03-2015.06  法国巴黎地球物理研究所             访问教授

2011.08-2018.07  北京大学环境科学与工程学院       副教授

2010.03-2010.08  美国华盛顿大学                           访问学者

2008.11-2011.07  北京大学环境科学与工程学院       讲师

2006.10-2008.11  北京大学环境学院                        博士后




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(4)Chen, B., Zhang, C., Zhao, Y., Wang, D., Korshin, G.V., Ni, J. and Yan, M*. 2020. Interpreting main features of the differential absorbance spectra of chlorinated natural organic matter: Comparison of the experimental and theoretical spectra of model compounds. Water Res 185, 116206-116206.

(5)Zhang, C., Chen, B., Korshin, G.V., Kuznetsov, A.M., Roccaro, P., Yan, M*. and Ni, J. 2020. Comparison of the yields of mono-, Di- and tri-chlorinated HAAs and THMs in chlorination and chloramination based on experimental and quantum-chemical data. Water Res 169:115100.

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(8)Zhang, C., Li, M., Han, X. and Yan, M.* 2018. Quantum chemical examination of the sequential halogen incorporation scheme for the modeling of speciation of I/Br/Cl-containing trihalomethanes. Environmental Science & Technology 52(4), 2162-2169.

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(10)Yan, M.*, Han, X. and Zhang, C. 2017. Investigating the features in differential absorbance spectra of NOM associated with metal ion binding: A comparison of experimental data and TD-DFT calculations for model compounds. Water Res 124, 496-503.




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