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Cooperation Agreement with the People's Government of Zhejiang Province

2014-10-17 13:05:30

On October 17, 2014, Peking University Party Secretary Zhu Shanlu and President Wang En'ge visited Zhejiang Province.

From left to right: Wang En'ge, Zhu Shanlu, Xia Baolong, Li Qiang

Secretary Xia expressed a warm welcome to the visiting group from Peking University. He pointed out that cooperating with famous colleges and universities was one of the most important measures for scientific and technological innovation. The signing of the new agreement marked the beginning of a new cooperation stage of the two sides, which would make a big difference to the process of deepening reform all round, and promoting the sustainable and healthy economic development as well as social harmony and stability.

Secretary Zhu expressed sincere appreciation for the support and reception from Zhejiang Province. He said that the cooperation with Zhejiang was of great importance. Renewing the strategic cooperation agreement would absolutely accelerate development of Peking University and the local areas of Zhejiang, and promote the integration of science, technology and economy. In the next stage, in order to further develop bilateral cooperation and realize mutual benefits, Peking University would focus on the strategic needs and unique advantages of Zhejiang, strengthen the talent training and deepen the cooperation in the aspects of marine science, big data collaborative innovation, IT industrialization, etc.

The signing ceremony

At the ceremony, President Wang signed the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government & Peking University Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Peking University Vice President Chen Shiyi and Zhejiang Province Governor Sun Jingmiao signed the Peking University Institute of Ocean Research and Zhoushan Archipelago New Area Co-Building Agreement.

The signing ceremony


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