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Zhang Haibin

2023-02-17 10:20:34

Zhang Haibin

Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University 

Email: zhanghb@pku.edu.cn


Prof. Zhang Haibin obtained his PhD at School of International Studies of Peking University. Now he serves as Associate Dean of School of International Studies and Director of the Center for International Organization Studies at Peking University. His major research areas are international organizations and global governance, multilateral diplomacy, global environment and climate governance, and China's environmental diplomacy. He is a Member of the 4th National Climate Change Expert Committee, Member of the Standing Council of United Nations Association of China; the board member of Chinese Society of Global Health, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; adviser to the Ministry of Commerce, China, on trade and environment issues; adviser to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China, on public service of culture and tourism; team member of the German foreign Office on climate and security; member of Governing Council of China Society for Environmental Resources Law; member of Governing Council of China Environment Culture Promotion Association; and member of Chinese National Committee for Future Earth. He has a long history of participation of international environmental negotiations as a member of Chinese delegation for United Nations Environmental Assembly. He published 7 books and nearly 100 articles in academic journals at home and abroad. He was awarded 4 provincial and ministerial-level academic prizes and chaired over 40 national, provincial and ministerial-level and overseas research projects.


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