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Dean’s Message

Established in 2013, the Institute of Ocean Research of Peking University (PKUIOR) is an interdisciplinary scientific research platform. The Institute focuses on studying the ocean by taking advantages of Peking University’s wide range of disciplines and research strengths in the fields of humanities and social sciences, science and engineering, and medicine. The research directions of the Institute include but not limited to marine science (physical oceanography, marine biochemistry, marine geology), marine engineer and technology, marine resources, marine governance and law, marine strategy and culture, etc.

As an ocean platform, the Institute is aimed to facilitate comprehensive and interdisciplinary oceanographic research with the characteristics of Peking University, cultivate the leading marine scientists with global competence, promote the development of cross-disciplines related to the ocean, create world class research, so as to contribute to the country and the world in terms of academic achievements and marine undertakings.

Operating with the tenure-track system, the Institute is committed to building a scientific research team. Four teaching and research positions are currently available for tenure-track assistant professors, and postdocs and contract full-time researchers are also in demand. We warmly welcome excellent young scholars over the world to apply.

The Institute will take improving the academic level of ocean research at Peking University as its mission, and foster academic and innovative collaborations in frontiers of ocean research at home and abroad.

January, 2023

Dean of the Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University

Yongyun Hu


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