AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight
AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight (Dec 14~Dec 20, 2018)
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Climate Change:

1. The Value of Snow

Investments in snow pay high-dollar dividends.


2. Lessons Learned from Kīlauea Eruption's Media Frenzy

The Kīlauea eruption earlier this year unleashed a media bonanza. Here are nine tips about how to debunk geohazard misinformation in real time from a scientist frequently tapped for expert comments.


3. Bridging the Gap Between Sustainability and Disaster Management

IGCS Summer School 2018 on Coastal and River Hazards & Management Strategies; Aachen, Germany, 14–25 July 2018


4. How Monsoons in Africa Drove Glacier Growth in Europe

A new study shows that low-latitude weather can affect distant glaciers.


Space & Planets:

1. First Multi-Decade Simulation of the Earth's Radiation Belt

A new simulation of the Earth's electron radiation belts captures large-scale variations over nearly three solar cycles, and replicates primary cyclical features and extreme behaviors.


2. Uranus and Neptune Should Be Top Priority, Says Report

Voyager 2 visited the ice giants in the 1980s, the only craft ever to do so. Planetary scientists argue that new missions to each planet would also benefit heliophysics and exoplanet research.



1. Coral Reef Video Game Will Help Create Global Database

Players dive off a research boat, identify and classify coral reefs using satellite and drone images, and bring marine life back to reefs. In doing so, they help scientists teach a machine to learn.


Atmospheric Sciences:

1. High Resolution Imaging of Ionosphere by Lightning

The three-dimensional distribution of electron density in the Earth's ionosphere could be obtained using the broadband radiation of naturally occurring lightning discharges.



1. Fiber Optics Opens Window into Subsurface Deformation

The distributed deformation of buried materials is difficult to map, but a new approach is able to resolve vertical deformation over the length of a fiber optic cable.


Ocean Sciences:

1. Interpreting Mosaics of Ocean Biogeochemistry

Advances in technology and modeling capabilities are driving a surge in progress in our understanding of how ocean ecosystems mix and mingle on medium to small scales.



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