AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight
AGU期刊一周Research Spotlight (Dec 21~Dec 27, 2018)
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Climate Change:

1. Taking Magnetotelluric Data out of the Drawer

Magnetic and electric field measurements at Earth's surface provide information on Earth's interior and on space weather. An open-source central repository of these data has received a major update.


Hazards & Disasters:

1. Lava Clues Chronicled Kīlauea's Unusual 2018 Eruption

Samples from Kīlauea volcano's extraordinary eruption that began last May could offer important insights into the behavior of volcanoes and the underlying mantle.


2. Drastic Shifts in Weather Give People "Winter Weather Whiplash"

False springs and freak snowstorms can flood towns, ruin crops, and shut down electrical grids. One research team is studying past events to prepare for the future.


3. Catching Oklahoma's Tiny Tremors in the Act

Scientists map thousands of microearthquakes in Oklahoma to take a closer look at the seismic effects of wastewater injection following oil and gas operations.


Space & Planets:

1. Exoplanet Strategy Promotes Big Missions, Individual Science

Collaborative and interdisciplinary research will be key to realizing the missions' full potential, according to the exoplanet strategy report.


Ocean Sciences:

1. A Comprehensive Estimate on the Entropy Budget in the Ocean

An analysis of the energy budget in the ocean estimates the Carnot work to be 110 terawatts and the ocean's Carnot efficiency to be 0.86%.


2. Huge Global Tsunami Followed Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact

The cataclysmic Chicxulub impact roughly 66 million years ago spawned a tsunami that produced wave heights of several meters in distant waters, new simulations suggest.



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