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Zhang Dongxiao Chairs Beijing Forum (2014) Special Session

2014-11-09 17:19:19

Zhang Dongxiao

On November 7-9, Beijing Forum 2014 was held in Beijing. The theme is "The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All-China and the World: Tradition, Reality and Future", embracing 9 panel sessions and 2 special sessions. Professor Zhang Dongxiao, Dean of the College of Engineering and Executive Vice Dean of Institute of Ocean Research, chaired the special session "Human and Ocean".

Focusing on two themes, "Marine Science and Engineering" and "Sustainable Marine Development and Maritime Silk Road", the"Human and Ocean" session invited over 20 scholars from China, Canada, and Norway to give presentations on topics related to the two themes, and provided a platform for the scholars to have in-depth discussions.

Zhang introduced Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, which aims to promote research on marine strategy, ocean humanities and social sciences, marine science and engineering, etc. The research here mainly focuses on six areas, including marine fundamental research and observation, marine biological resources and drugs, marine technology and equipment, marine energy development and ecological environment protection.

The annually held Beijing Forum, which was initiated in 2004, is an international forum which aims at promoting the study of humanities and social sciences around the world. So far it has witnessed the involvement of a total of over 4000 participants including well-known politicians and noted scholars from more than 70 countries and regions around the world. This year's forum is approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, under the auspices of the Beijing Municipal Government, and co-sponsored by Peking University.

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