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【Deep Ocean Seminar】Phan Thien Nhan: Sediment Disturbance and Sediment Dispersion from Technical Activities on Seafloor

2018-10-29 13:11:06

Speaker: Dr. Phan Thien Nhan

               Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

               Acting Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Host: Dr. Liu Moubin

Time: Nov 2, 2018, 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Location: The 3rd Teaching Buiding, Room 206

Sponsor: Peking University College of Engineering, Peking University Institute of Ocean Research


Polymetallic nodules, which contain high economic-value metals, such as manganese (~30wt%), Nickel (1.5wt%), Copper (1.4wt%), Cobalt (0.25wt%), Iron (6wt%), Aluminium (3wt%), are found naturally and in abundance on the seabed in some areas in the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean. They are considered as an important resource manganese, and possibly some rare metals for future. However, nodule collection activities are likely to disturb the ocean floor and possibly re-suspend a large amount of sediment into the ambient water region. Environmental impact assessment from any technical activity on the seabed is mandated by the International Seabed Authority (ISA), a United Nation body. Many studies on chemical compositions and physical and rheological properties of the bottom-ocean sediment, sediment disturbance and subsequent sediment spreading, and possible responses of benthic communities to rise of sediment concentration in the ambient water have been extensively conducted. In the scope of this presentation, we would like to share some experimental and computational works on the sediment rheology, sediment disturbance, and sediment spreading that have been carrying out in the Keppel-NUS Corporation Laboratories, National University of Singapore.


Academic/Professional Qualifications:

- Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (elected 1999),

- Associate Editor, Physics of Fluids, Editorial Board, Journal of non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Academic Editor, AIP Advances

Major Prizes/Awards:

- 2003 Centenary Medal awarded by the Australian Governor General, for service to Australian society and science in Mechanical Engineering;

- 2003 Silver Prize, HPC Quest, Blue Challenge by IBM and the Institute of High Performance Computing on entry Flow of Complex Fluids through Micro Channels;

- 1997 Gordon Bell Prize, Price-Performance category, Computer Division IEEE;

- 1997 Australian Society of Rheology Medal, awarded by the Australian Society of Rheology for distinguished contributions to Rheology;

- 1982 Edgeworth David Medal, awarded by the Royal Society of New South Wales, for distinguished researches in science amongst younger workers in Applied Mechanics;

- 1982 Senior Fulbright Scholar, California Institute of Technology.


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