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Ji Jianguo

2023-02-15 14:53:56

Ji Jianguo:

Professor, Peking University School of Life Sciences

Email: jijg@pku.edu.cn

Research Areas

1.Protein high throughput and high confident identification, quantification and modification characterization by mass spectrometry

2.Protein changes in neurodegenerative diseases and microglia activation

3.Neoantigens in the surface of tumour cell and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes and their regulation mechanism in tumour microenvironment.

4.Cell-free preparation of the specific antibody and ADC based on the tumour neoantigen targets.

Research Progress

Protein expression and modifications play key roles in regulating the cell’s function and human disease state. We mainly focuses on the protein expression changes in brain aging, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer cell surface protein targets and biomarkers by quantitative proteomics. Ongoing projects include protein quantification, acetylation and phosphorylation characterization in AD and PD, high throughput profiling of CRC cancer cell surface specific protein targets and development of the new antibody-drug conjugates.

Selected Publications

Li SP, Li XY, Yang SQ, Pi H, Li ZY, Yao PJ, Zhang Q,Wang QS, Shen PP, Li XZ,Ji JG. (2021) Proteomic landscape of exosomes reveals the functional contributions of cd151 in triple-negative breast cancer.Mol. Cell. Proteomics., 20: 100121.

Liu SJ, Hua Y, Wang JN, Li LY, Yuan JJ, Zhang B, Wang ZY,Ji JG, Kong DC. (2021) RNA polymerase III is required for the repair of DNA double-strand breaks by homologous recombination.Cell, 184: 1314-1329.

Liu Y, Wang L, Xu X, Yuan Y, Zhang B, Li ZY, Xie YC, Yan R, Zheng ZQ,Ji JG, Murray JM, Carr AM, Kong DC. (2021) The intra-S phase checkpoint directly regulates replication elongation to preserve the integrity of stalled replisomes.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 118: e2019183118.

Xu BY, Zhu L, Wang QS, Zhao YF, Jia M, Shi SF, Lui LJ, Lv JH, Lai WJ,Ji JG, Zhang H. (2021) Mass spectrometry-based screening identifies circulating immunoglobulinA–α1-microglobulin complex as potential biomarker in immunoglobulin A nephropathy.Nephrol. Dial. Transplantat., 36: 782-792.

Bei YC, Cheng N, Chen T, Shu YX, Yang Y, Yang NF, Zhou XY, Liu BR, Wei J, Liu Q, Zheng W, Zhang WL, Su HF, Zhu WG,Ji JG, Shen PP. (2020) CDK5 inhibition abrogates TNBC stem-cell property and enhances Anti-PD-1 therapy.Adv. Sci., 202001417.

Li W, Bai XZ, Li J, Zhao YC, Liu JY, Zhao HY, Liu L, Ding M, Wang QS, Shi FY, Hou M,Ji JG, Gao G, Guo R, Sun YJ, Liu YF, Xu DY. (2019) The nucleoskeleton protein IFFO1 immobilizes broken DNA and suppresses chromosome translocation during tumorigenesis.Nat. Cell Biol., 21: 1273-1285.

Feng G, Yuan Y, Li ZY, Wang L, Zhang B, Luo JC,Ji JG, Kong DC. (2019) Replication fork stalling elicits chromatin compaction for the stability of stalling replication forks.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.,116: 14563-14572.

Li MZ, Zheng LJ, Shen J, Li XY, Zhang Q, Bai X, Wang QS,Ji JG. (2018)SIRT1 facilitates amyloid beta peptide degradation by upregulating lysosome number in primary astrocytes.Neural Regen Res., 13: 2005-2013.

Xu R, Xu YX, Huo W, Lv ZC, Yuan JS, Ning SK, Wang QS, Hou M, Gao G, Ji JG, Chen JJ,Guo R, Xu DY. (2018) Mitosis-specific MRN complex promotes a mitotic signaling cascade to regulate spindle dynamics and chromosome segregation.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.,115: E10079-E10088.

Li MZ, Zhang Q, Shen J et al. (2017) Discovery and identification of serum potential biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer using TMT quantitative proteomics. Int J Cancer Oncol, 4: 1- 7.


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