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The First Season of Mutual Election Activities between Teachers and Students

2016-10-31 16:18:33

Peking University Institute of Ocean Research integrates the research forces of Peking University in key areas such as marine science, marine engineering, and marine strategy in order to construct a marine platform and develop marine disciplines.

In order to help the students who have great enthusiasm and interest for ocean sciences enter the ocean research field, the mutual election activity between teachers and students was launched. We hope to provide the students with more opportunities of participating in marine research projects.

Please send your resume to pkuocean@pku.edu.cn. Title format: Registration of Mutual Election Activities + Name + Tutor + Topic.



Research Areas

Open Time

Requirements for Interns

Wenhan Lin

Medicinal molecules of deep sea organisms

Marine pharmaceutical chemistry


Scientific research spirit

Jimin Wang

Research on the national marine consciousness development index from State Oceanic Administration, People's Public of China

Marine Informatics, marine humanities and scientific evaluation

Dec, 2015-Dec, 2020

Scientific research spirit

Jimin Wang

Research on comprehensive evaluation of interconnection and interworking level for countries along the “Belt and Road” from

National Social Science Fund  

Marine Informatics, Web data mining, scientific evaluation

Jul, 2016-Jun, 2018

Scientific research spirit

Guangming Xie

Artificial sideline sensing system; underwater robot



The ability of Data processing and analysis, computational fluid mechanics, Circuit design and debugging at least

Lei Yan

Mathematical and physical mechanism and characteristics of the ocean surface reflectance

Ocean remote sensing and marine navigation

Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2016

The ability of matlab, and be interested in or have some understanding for remote sensing technology

Jinxian Yao

Assessment of protection effectiveness in marine protected areas

Conservation biology

All the time

With a biological, economic and sociological background


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