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PKU Ocean Seminar Series

【Duan Menglan】Technology and Equipment of Deepwater Oil and Gas Production System

2016-03-03 18:44:20

On March 3, 2016, Professor Duan Menglan from China University of Petroleum delivered a seminar entitled "technology and equipment for deep water oil and gas production system" at Peking University. The host of this seminar is Professor Liu Moubin.

Professor Duan Menglan

Professor Duan Menglan elaborated the development status and modes of deepwater oil and gas, the development status and key technology of the production system, and the challenges both theoretically and technically. He also introduced the case of the localization of underwater equipment and underwater connector.

Professor Liu Moubin


Duan Menglan

Member of the EU Academy of Sciences,

Chair of Subsea Technology Committee of International Ships and Offshore Structures Congress

Chair of China Branch of Society for Underwater Technology

Chairman of the working committee of the China Institute of mechanics

Foreign Periodicals“Development and Application of Oceanic Engineering”and“Frontier in Fossil Fuel Engineering”editor

Editorial advisory board member of 16 international academic journals


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