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【Niu Qingshan】Research and Prospects of Key Technologies for Seawater Desalination

2017-12-14 18:36:55

On December 14, invited by Peking University Institute of Ocean Research and College of Engineering, professor Qingshan Niu from School of Chemical Engineering of China University of Petroleum (Hua Dong) gave a wonderful talk entitled Research and Prospect of the Key Technology of Membrane Method for Seawater Desalination, which was hosted by Professor Zhang Xinrong.

Professor Qingshan Niu

During the lecture, Professor Niu analyzed the research status and application of reverse osmosis membrane materials. He introduced future development trend of this field from three aspects of the status of global freshwater resources, the status and utilization of seawater desalination, and the application of reverse osmosis technology, the structural units of reverse osmosis membrane and the molecular simulation of membrane materials. In addition, examples were illustrated to introduce the structure and working principle of membrane. He said there is still a lot of room for progress in the field of membrane desalination in China in the future.

In the end, Professor Niu made a comprehensive summary of the lecture. He proposed that interfacial polymerization is a miracle in the process of making reverse osmosis materials today. Membrane technology is one of the most attractive new separation technologies in 21st Century. It has a very broad application prospect in the major demand fields, such as resources and environment. Besides, under the background that membrane technology is on the rapid rise, there are many problems yet to be solved by the joint efforts.

Professor Niu Qingshan's research in the field of seawater desalination brought many inspirations to the students. By the end of the report, Professor Niu patiently interacted with students in interdisciplinary fields.


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