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PKU Ocean Seminar Series

【Liu Jiaxuan】Characterization of Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir Offshore of Southwestern Taiwan

2017-07-17 18:56:00

Speaker: Dr. Liu Jiaxuan, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University

Host: Dr. Lu Hailong, Peking Univeristy Institute of Ocean Research

Time: November 17, 2017, 9:00 a.m.

Location: Room 101, Modern Physics Center of Peking University

Organizers: Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University College of Engineering

Professor Liu Jiaxuan

Lecture Summary:

Previous marine geophysical, geological and geochemical investigations have shown that there are a large amount of gas hydrate distributed in the area offshore of southwestern Taiwan, and many gas hydrate prospects have been identified. This study intends to characterize the gas hydrate reservoirs in several selected gas hydrate prospects by integrating marine investigation results to establish gas-hydrate petroleum systems, and compiling key geological/geophysical/geochemical information on montages. 3D seismic attribute analyses, 3D seismic velocity model building and core sample analyses have been carried out to improve our understanding of the gas hydrate reservoirs. Special efforts have been put on a few leakage-type gas hydrate reservoirs, as ROV observation/sampling and MeBo shallow seafloor drilling investigation are planned for these cold seep sites in 2018.

To better prepare for the ROV diving and MeBo drilling investigations, a joint AUV-miniROV survey has been carried out in May 2017 using MBARI mapping AUV and miniROV. Ultra-high resolution seafloor topography and side-scan sonar images reveal detail morphology of the cold seep sites mapped, and some special fluid-related seafloor features have also been observed. Results of those observations will be presented.


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