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【Cai Pa】Writings on Oral History and Nanyang Culture

2015-04-09 10:49:12

Speaker: Cai Pa (Reporter, Hainan Daily)

Date: Apr 9, 2015,19:00-21:00 p.m.

Location: Room 404, Second Teaching Building



The lecture will show the charm of the Nanyang Culture and stress the importance of the oral history in eight sections:

1. The Nanyang Culture

2. The significance and necessity of the oral history

3. The research information and writing resources provided by the Nanyang Culture

4. Oral history: begin with the family history

5. How to open the interview on the family history?

6. The oral history helps revealing the truth

7. The oral history helps expanding the team of history writing

8. Summary


Cai Pa, the reporter of the Hainan Daily, is an excellent member of Chinese Writers Association. She has been totally committed to the digging and writing of the cultural history and the Nanyang culture in an oral way, and her writings are highly esteemed. Her works on the building overhang and the family saga had been made into special reports by the CCTV, which increases the importance and popularity of the Haikou arcaded streets.


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