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Underwater Acoustic Sensor Lab

2018-08-30 17:20:50

Research Professor Zhang Min's Lab

We are highly interested in:

-The mechanism and application of new fiber-optic sensing, including mechanism of fiber-optic gas active sensing technology and its detection method of trace gas components in closed cavity, and the study of Brillouin scattering based fiber birefringence characteristics and detection methods.

-High-precision fiber optic sensing technology and its engineering application in harsh environments, including fiber optic FP sensors and fiber bragg grating sensors based high-precision temperature and pressure sensing technologies and its application in the development of heavy and super heavy oils, interferometric fiber-optic hydrophone and system integration technology and its application in submarine observation network and marine geophysical exploration, distributed optical fiber vibration sensing technology and its application in ultra-long distance submarine cables and perimeter security. 

Main researches in the lab:

1. Monitoring system of natural gas hydrate drilling technique

- All fiber 4C-OBC time-lapse seismic monitoring system

- Hydrate reservoir temperature and pressure monitoring technology and device

2. Fiber Fracture Crack Monitoring System

Figure 1: Diagram of the Fiber Fracture Crack Monitoring System

Figure 2: Researchers are manipulating the Fiber Fracture Crack Monitoring System

3. Distributed Acoustic Fiber Sensing(DAS)system


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