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AGU Research Spotlight (Aug 04-Aug 08, 2016)

2016-08-12 10:01:13

I. Atmospheric Sciences

1.Searching for Lightning's Signature on Venus

A review of the major features of the geomagnetic reversals preserved in Earth's rock record helps to answer the question, Which data could advance our understanding of these poorly described events?

2.AGU Journals: More Content and More Context

The Midcontinent Rift has characteristics of a large igneous province, causing geologists to rethink some long-standing assumptions about how this giant feature formed.

4.AGU Student Travel Grants Help Underrepresented Groups

Three-dimensional simulations suggest that some aquifers may be more vulnerable to contamination from leaky oil wells than others.

3.Evidence Found for China’s Ancient Origin Story

5th Workshop on SMART Cable Systems: Latest Developments and Designing the Wet Demonstrator Project; Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17–18 April 2016

2.Submarine Cable Systems for Future Societal Needs

The company envisions the mission as a first step in bringing resources from the Moon back to the Earth.

V.Space Science & Space Physics

1.Even the Magnetosphere Has Problems

A new model predicts electron and ion fluxes at geosynchronous orbit an hour ahead of time, allowing satellite operators to protect their instruments.

VI.Science Policy & Funding

1.Communicating Arctic Science Creatively for Diverse Audiences

The findings, which wererecently published inGeophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, predict that this shift in the timing of the snowmelt could result in a 45 percent reduction of snowmelt period forest carbon uptake by mid-century.

2.The Geoscience Papers of the Future: a modern publication strategy for data management and scientific publication

The first peer-reviewed study to directly quantify how emissions from oil and gas activities influence summertime ozone pollution in the Colorado Front Range confirms that chemical vapors from oil and gas activities are a significant contributor to the region’s chronic ozone problem.


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