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Zhang Min

2018-07-14 09:56:52

Zhang Min:

Research Associate Professor, Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University

Email: zhang_min@pku.edu.cn


2003, PhD Optical Fiber Sensing, Department of electrical engineering, Hong Kong Polytech University, professional direction:

1999, M.S. Optical Engineering, Department of precision instrument and mechanics, Tsinghua University

1996, B.Sc. Instruments and Apparatuses, Department of precision instrument and mechanics, Tsinghua University

Working Experience

2018-Now, Research Associate Professor, Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University 

2016-2018, Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University

2006-2016, Associate Professor, Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University

2003-2006, Assistant Professor, Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University

Research Interests:

1. The mechanism and application of new fiber-optic sensing, including mechanism of fiber-optic gas active sensing technology and its detection method of trace gas components in closed cavity, and the study of Brillouin scattering based fiber birefringence characteristics and detection methods.

2. High-precision fiber optic sensing technology and its engineering application in harsh environments, including fiber optic FP sensors and fiber bragg grating sensors based high-precision temperature and pressure sensing technologies and its application in the development of heavy and super heavy oils, interferometric fiber-optic hydrophone and system integration technology and its application in submarine observation network and marine geophysical exploration, distributed optical fiber vibration sensing technology and its application in ultra-long distance submarine cables and perimeter security.

Selected Publications:

He Xiangge, Wu Xuemin, Wang Lei, Liang Qianyong, Gu Lijuan, Liu Fei, Lu Hailong, Zhang Yi, and Zhang Min, “Distributed optical fiber acoustic sensor for in situ monitoring of marine natural gas hydrate production,” China Geology, 2022, 5(2): 322-329.

He, Xiangge, Shangran Xie, Lijuan Gu, Fei Liu, Min Zhang, and Hailong Lu. "High-resolution quasi-distributed temperature and pressure sensing system for deep-sea reservoir monitoring." Measurement 199 (2022): 111568.

Liu Fei, Yi Duo, Chen Yi, Xu Ping, Zhang Min, Zhu Xuewen, He Xiangge, Zhou Xian, and Long Keping, "Common-mode noise self-suppressed 3-component fiber optic accelerometer based on low-reflectivity Bragg gratings," Optics Letters, 46(7), 1596-1599 (2021).

Liu Fei, Xie Shangran, Zhang Min, Tang Chunhua, Xie Bin, He Xiangge, Gu Lijuan, Lu Hailong, Zhou Xian, and Long Keping, "Downhole Microseismic Monitoring Using FOSS and Its Field Test Comparison With Moving-Coil Geophone," IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 60, 1-14 (2021).

He X, Zhang M, Gu L, et al. Performance Improvement of Dual-Pulse Heterodyne Distributed Acoustic Sensor for Sound Detection. Sensors, 2020, 20(4)

He X, Xu X, Zhang M, et al. On the phase fading effect in the dual-pulse heterodyne demodulated distributed acoustic sensing system. Optics Express, 2020, 28(22): 33433

Liu F, Xie S, Zhang M, et al. Downhole Microseismic Monitoring Using Time-Division Multiplexed Fiber-Optic Accelerometer Array. IEEE Access, 2020, 8: 120104~120113

Liu Fei, Xie Shangran,Gu Lijuan, He Xiangge, Yi Duo, Chen Zhangyuan, Zhang Min and Tao Qingchang,Common-mode noise suppression technique in interferometric fiber-optic sensors,Journal of Lightwave Technology,37,21:5619-5627,SCI收录,2019.11

Yi Duo, Liu Fei , Zhang Min ,Tao Qingchang,High-accuracy transient response fiber optic seismic accelerometer using a shock-absorbing ring as a mechanical antiresonator,Optics Letters,44,2:183-186,44,2:183-186,2019.01

Cao, S., Xie, S., & Zhang, M.* (2016). Polarization beat length estimation based on the statistical properties of Brillouin gain in SMF. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 28(18), 1960-1963. (JCR-3, IF: 2.375)

He, X., Xie, S., Cao, S., Liu, F., Zheng, X., Zhang, M.*, & Chen, G. (2016). Influence of stimulated Brillouin scattering on positioning accuracy of long-range dual Mach–Zehnder interferometric vibration sensors. Optical Engineering, 55(11), 116111.( JCR-4, IF: 1.082)

Liu, F., Xie, S., Qiu, X., Wang, X., Cao, S., Qin, M., & Zhang, M. * (2016). Efficient common-mode noise suppression for fiber-optic interferometric sensor using heterodyne demodulation. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 34(23), 5453-5461. ( JCR-2, IF: 3.671)

Yi, D., & Zhang, M.* (2017). Heat flux investigations during flame thermal spray process using the lumped capacitance method. Applied Thermal Engineering, 123, 554-561. ( JCR-2, IF: 3.444)

Cao, S., & Zhang, M. * (2017). Polarized and birefringence-dependent stimulated Brillouin scattering in single mode fiber. Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, 131, 374-382. ( JCR-4, IF: 0.835)

Yi, D., Zhang, M., Gu, L., Yang, J., & Yu, W. (2017). Finite element analysis of fiber optic embedded in thermal spray coating. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 1045389X17721057. (JCR-3, IF:2.255 )

Lin, Y., Liu, F., He, X., Jin, W., Zhang, M., Yang, F., & Gu, L. (2017). Distributed gas sensing with optical fibre photothermal interferometry. Optics express, 25(25), 31568-31585. (JCR-2, IF:3.307)

He, X., Xie, S., Liu, F., Cao, S., Gu, L., Zheng, X., & Zhang, M. *(2017). Multi-event waveform-retrieved distributed optical fiber acoustic sensor using dual-pulse heterodyne phase-sensitive OTDR. Optics letters, 42(3), 442-445. (JCR-2, IF:3.416)

Cao, S., Xie, S., Liu, F., Zheng, X., & Zhang, M.* (2017). Numerical and experimental analysis of polarization dependent gain vector in Brillouin amplification system. Optics Communications, 389, 23-28. (JCR-2, IF:1.588)


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