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2017 Year-end PhD Students Academic Meeting

2017-12-26 15:07:35

On December 22, 2017, an academic meeting for PhD students was held in Room 511 of Leo KoGuan Building. Four doctoral students of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research shared their scientific research experiences and achievements, showing their research progress throughout the year.

Yajun Deng introduced his research from four aspects, including the successful trial mining of combustible ice, the training on instruments installation, the experiences of writing papers and participating international conferences, and the progress and plan of experiments. Ten typical instruments used in the study of environmental geochemistry, oil and gas, hydrates, etc. were described in details. In addition, he shared his experiences of participating in the 254th ACS National Meeting in the United States and publishing the paper titled Chemical Engineering Science. The accomplishment of the contact angle experimentsand the investigation on molecular dynamics simulation were also involved in the discussion. As he is going to graduate in the next year, his graduation thesis, future work or study plan became the hot topics.

Ruojia Wang introduced her group's marine related research projects and achievements of this year, her internship experience and future plan. The research on the comprehensive evaluation of interconnection level regarding the countries along the Belt and Road was progressing smoothly, and it was the same with the research on the national marine awareness development index. Several research reports related to the studies were released with favorable reviews. Besides, the analyses on the evolution of the ocean hotspots and the progress on the marine related patents in China over the past decade were completed. In the following year, her research effort will focus on the above-mentioned projects and the other marine related tasks.

Yihua Teng shared his experience of participating in trial mining of combustible ice in the South China Sea. He was primarily responsible for the establishment of geological models in the early stage,and he also worked in the trial mining site and played a role in the success in collecting samples of flammable ice. He demonstrated his research on COstorage underground and the paper with the topic of Long-term viability of carbon sequestration in deep-sea sediments.

Yongjie shared his learning and working experiences on the laws and the ocean strategy. 



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