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2017 PhD Students Sharing Meeting

2017-09-20 15:11:58

On September 16, 2017, a sharing meeting for PhD students was held in the 511 conference room of Leo KoGuan Building. Five PhD students of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research and PhD representatives from Peking University School of International Studies and US Johns Hopkins University respectively shared their experiences in this summer holiday.


PhD students of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research

Yihua Teng shared his experience in the Pudong New Area's training camp“Eagles program”. Through a series of pictures, he vividly demonstrated the interesting subject courses like throwing eggs at high altitude, and thein-depth company visits with the theme of CreativityInnovation and Entrepreneurship, highlighting the importance of interest and enthusiasm for the scientific research and future work.

Ruojia Wang shared her internship in China Institute for Marine Affairs and summer exchange experiencein Tsurumi University, Japan. She explained the 14th Unsustainable Development Goal which was closely related to the ocean and analyzed the challenges faced by small island developing states in the implementation of the blue sea economic strategy.

Guoshuai Zhang and Hongtao Liu shared jointly the field visit report on "Deep Ocean". Dr. Zhang introduced their experience of visiting ship Xiangyanghong 20. Dr. Liu made a supplement to this activity and put forward the current shortage of talents in the field of sea laws.

Yanqiuyu Gao shared his scientific research and teaching activities in this summer, especially the teaching experience in the course of "Major Issues concerning the rise of China". Also, he analyzed the rise of China from the financial aspect.

Jiarui Fan shared her investigation experience in Sansha city. She put forward her own thinking and solution for the local problems and challenges.

Yongjie He shared his practice experience in the people's procuratorate of Guizhou Province. He not only analyzed the role played by big data and cloud computing in promoting the development of modern judicature, but also popularized multifaceted knowledge to the audience, such as public interest litigation and judicial reform.

Yajun Deng introduced his experience in participating 254th ACS National Meeting & Exposition from a variety of perspectives, such as historical background, participants, academic journals, etc. Through participating the Instrument Exhibition organized by ACS, he pointed out that there was still a long way to go for the domestic laboratory instruments, especially the large analytical instruments.



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