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2017 Mid-Year PhD Students Academic Meeting

2017-06-02 15:15:45

On June 1, 2017, an academic exchange report for doctoral students was held in Room 511of Leo KoGuan Buildin. Fourdoctoral students of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research shared their latest progress and phased results in their own research fields. The interdisciplinary communication is designed to help the students to expand their innovation and research horizon.


Yajun Deng, whose research area is the properties of surface interface related to marine oil and gas, shared the latest progress in the study of the wettability of different crystalline surfaces and the specific experimental contents, such as comparison of the contact angles of water, glycerin and other liquids on different crystal surfaces. And then he further introduced the research methods involved in the experiments, such as the Miller indices thatform a notation system in crystallography, and the varied data collection methods used for the volatile and non-volatile liquids.


Yihua Teng shared the hot topics on mining combustible ice, including the concept, the distribution and the mining difficulties of combustible ice, which left the audience a more comprehensive and profound understanding of combustible ice. The mining methods, such as decompression, heat shock, injection inhibitor and carbon dioxide replacement and problems faced by the current flammable ice mining in various countries were introduced in detail.

According to the research of aquaculture in Philippines after World War II, Hongtao Liu analyzed the background and development track of Philippines’aquaculture industry after World War II and the reasons why Philippines’intensive aquaculture industry restricted chemicals from the perspective of marine environmental history.

Under the guidance of Professor Jimin Wang and based on thecoauthor rateof scientific papers, Ruojia Wang did a research on scientific research cooperation network among the countries along the Belt and Road from the perspective of time evolution, including there search collaboration among the countries, the overall layout of scientific research cooperation in various countries, and the process of cooperative development over time. And then, the "Boston matrix" was introduced and a disaggregated analysis of countries participating in the "Belt and Road" initiative was showed.


Finally, Ms. Jing Xu announced the "Student Assessment Management System of Institute of Ocean Research, PKU".  It focuses on improving the comprehensive quality of doctoral students through the evaluation of academic research, ideological cultivation, and campus practice. Besides, the first "Student Autonomy Management Committee" was founded. Yihua Teng was selected as chairman of the Committee and Ruojia Wang as vice-chairman.



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