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Provisions of Residence Permit Registration and Internship for International Students in Peking University

2018-07-29 17:36:00

By the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, where a foreigner holding a residence permit for study intends to engage in off-campus work-study or internship, he or she shall, upon the approval of the school, apply to the exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ to have such information as the location and duration of the work-study program or internship placement specified in his or her residence permit. In order to further standardize and instruct international students in Peking University to engage in off-campus work-study or internship, this provision is issued.

Qualification Required:

1. Full-time international students in Peking University.

2. Holding the residence permit for study.

3. Passing all compulsory courses for undergraduate applicants (makeup courses included), andranking in first half; Passing all courses for graduate applicants.

4. No violation of university rules and regulations, no disciplinary punishment records, no violation of Chinese law and no punishment from the judiciary or public security unit.

5. Obtaining the consent of your Department.

6. Obtaining internship qualification of an enterprise or an institution, and the content of the internship related to your major.

7. No go beyond the duration of study in Peking University.

Application Process:

1. After obtaining the internship qualification, an internship permit/agreement from enterprises or institutions is needed with clear annotation about the time, place and content of the internship.

2. The application form shall be filled in first, transferred upon comments and approval of the departments, and submitted to the international student office.

3. Within five working days, those who passed will receive a permission slip.

4. Submitting a residence permit and an internship application to the Beijing Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

Application Materials:

1. The People's Republic of China visa/stay permit/residence permit application form with official seals of international student office and practice units.

2. Registration form for effective temporary accommodation.

3. Permission slip of Peking University.

4. Permission slip of practice units.?

Additional Notes:

1. The application's duration of residence permit every time is not more than six months.

2. After changing internship units, the applicant should reapply for residence permit.

3. The university has the right to cancel the visa if the applicant has a dramatic decline in academic performance, repeated absences, violation of university disciplines and Chinese law during the internship.

4. If international students have to stop or drop out of school during his/her internship, he/she must cancel residence permit.


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