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Visa & Residence Permits

2018-07-30 15:13:45

Visa & Residence Permits

Foreigners residing in China must comply with relevant local laws; this means that international students need to have a valid visa or residence permit. So in order to ensure that you do not find yourselves on the wrong side of the law, please pay attention to the details below.

1.Visas and residence permit type

a) X visa type

This type of visa will give you 30 days to report to your school's International Student Office to apply for a residence permit. Before applying for a residence permit, students will also need to visit the Beijing Entry-Exit inspection and quarantine authority to obtain a health certificate.

b) F and L visa types

F visit and L tourist visas will have the total allowable days clearly written on the visa itself. So for example, if on August 25th, 2011, the user enters China with a 90-day F visa, then the visa will be valid for 90 days till November 23rd, 2011.

For F visit type and L tourist visa type the number of entries will be marked on the visa page, the holder may be able to enter China several times. For example, for a two-entry visa, then the holder can use this visa twice to enter China, and the valid days in China will be calculated from the date of arrival in China again.

c) Residence Permit

For a period of study in China of over 1 year, students will need to apply for a residence permit. Once a student has this, then he or she will be able to enter and exit China freely during the validity of the permit.

2. Visas and Residence Permit Processing

Visas and residence permit procedures for students and other types of visa and permits are slightly different. According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office, students need first to apply through their school office and the school will submit the application to the PSB online and then after 24 hours, so the University will be able to give the student a visa application form.

Then the student can take this form with other relevant documents to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office themselves or pay a fee to an agent of around 60 RMB for them to handle the application on behalf of the student.

Under normal circumstances, 7 to 10 working days is needed for the processing of visas and residence permits. Students should keep this in mind to avoid unnecessary trouble due to not being able to use the passport during this time as it will be taken by the PSB for processing during this time.

3. Registration of Accommodation

Foreigners living in China should, in accordance with the law, apply for registration of accommodation in 24 hours after arrival in China. This can be done in cooperation with the student is staying, in most cases a temporary accommodation registration form will need to be filled in.

If you live on campus at Peking University, then staff at the university can assist you to fill such forms out. However, if you live off campus, then you need to promptly go to the local police station. If you are renting a house, then you will need help from your landlord putting all the relevant documents together.

Special notice should be made to the fact that in the event of a change of passport, visa or change of address you must within 10 days re-apply for accommodation registration, otherwise you will be regarded as an illegal resident.

4. Other Relevant Details

a) Replacement of Passport

After replacement of your passport in China, you must within 10 days first go to the International Student Office to apply and then go to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office for processing passport number changing procedures, or you will be punished for illegal residence.

b) Loss of Passport and Visa, and Re-Submit Procedures

As soon as you become aware that you have lost your passport, you will need to quickly follow the procedures below:

■ First go to the local police station you lost your passport to report the loss and receive a report of the loss;

■ You also need to go to the International Student Office to get a certificate;

■ After receiving the report and the certificate, you should then go to Beijing Public Security Bureau to obtain the loss of passport document.

■ Take this loss of passport certificate to your embassy to apply for a new passport.

■ Collect the new passport and within 10 days: first go to the International Student Office to apply and then go to Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Office to apply for a new visa or residence permit and then after receiving this, go to the local police station to renew your accommodation registration.

c) Cancellation of visas and residence permits

When you seek suspension of studies, seek leave of absence, retention or transfer of credits or other such changes, your visa and residence permit issued in conjunction with Peking University must be changed to a zero-entry tourist (L) visa, or the University cannot approve of such change in status.

d) Change of Cell Phone Number in Beijing

During your study at Peking University, if you change your cell phone number, please inform the International Student Office promptly.

e) Punishment for Unregistered Stay

If you don't have a visa, residence permit or accommodation registration or if these have expired, then under Chinese law, it is considered that you are an illegal "alien". This status can attract a warning, a fine of 500 to 5000 RMB or even detention and deportation. So to avoid such situations, students should ensure that all these documentation and permits are up to date.

Please be sure to carefully read the above instructions before proceeding with your visa application. If you encounter any difficulties, you can also seek the help of the International Student Office at 010-62751012.


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